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Worm Hole...

Worm hole Thu ề @ 10:02 am

Worm hole is an interesting thought, and concept. Physicists tried to describe it mathematically by constructing a topological model. Everyone like the result of wormhole, especially, intra-universe worm hole which can bring you from one point to another point in the universe. As far as inter-universe wormhole is concerned, there are ideas showing that you just can see the light of another universe, and the price is exchanging your life for seeing that. Anyway, I am afraid of that there is no real phenonmenon that satisfied the mathematical model of worm-hole, since it affects spacetime too much. (Source:wikipedia)As for a sake of simple illustration, I will packet the result for you as following
First, believe that our universe is not flat. So it is arguably to claim that wormhole is physically existed.
Second, as far as physics has gone, also as far as what I read and learnt :-), I believed in Big Bang’s prediction of the size and the age of the universe. That is to say our universe is very huge, but it does have a boundary and an end, since the universe is expanding from a singularity and have its own age.
Third, if there are other universes, then the distance between any 2 universes is not space distance, but spacetime distance, therefore, it is hard to claim to bring you to other universe. For example, the distance between the earth and the moon is space distance, and universes are spacetime separated, which I think our topological model is hard to illustrate.
Fourth, it is theoretically to propose that a wormhole can help particle to escape the black hole, assumed that the particle falled inside the event horizon.


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